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Plus practice

You may not be familiar with the term Plus Practice, but within physiotherapy, this is the highest award you can achieve.

Plus practices are physiotherapy practices that meet additional requirements besides the quality requirements of the professional association (KNGF, Keurmerk). They go a step further in their actions and have the well-being of the patients at the centre of their attention. For instance, the practices work closely with other plus practices. Through extra programmes, they make their own quality transparent by participating in annual audits (measurements). This way, a Plus Practice can easily be compared with other practices. The extra quality requirements, which these practices meet, include:

  • The expertise of the physiotherapist(s).
  • A standard procedure for recording and mapping complaints.
  • The number of treatments required for a particular physical complaint.
  • being engaged in innovation.
  • customer satisfaction

Besides the additional quality (requirements), other benefits of Plus Practices are;

  • accessibility.
  • high quality care.
  • clear information provision.
  • lower treatment averages.

Everyone has their own peak performance. Together, we are going to find it.

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Daron Buenting

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