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Manual therapy

The aim of manual therapy is to improve joint function on the one hand and posture and movement on the other. To do this, the manual therapist uses specific techniques.

The effects of manual therapy are often immediate: you feel an improvement in range of motion and a decrease in pain. The manual therapist's treatment programme further consists of giving proper instructions, advice, guidance and insight into healthy movement.

A manual therapist is a physiotherapist who trained in manual therapy after completing his/her physiotherapy training. In doing so, he/she has gained knowledge of the body's movement capabilities and, in particular, the spine. Thanks to his specialised training, the manual therapist is in an excellent position to assess the cause of your complaints. Common complaints the manual therapist treats are:

  • head and neck pain, along with poor spinal movement
  • neck and shoulder pain with pain radiating into the arms
  • complaints high in the back with rib and chest pain
  • osteoarthritis of the hip
  • low back pain, possibly with radiating pain to the legs
  • certain forms of dizziness induced by movement of the neck

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