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Psychosomatic physiotherapy

The psychosomatic physiotherapist specialises in treating persistent physical complaints, burnout, depression and anxiety-related complaints. Your physical complaints could possibly be related to an imbalance between physical and psychological strain. The connection between physical complaints and psychological overload is not so clear at first. Physical signals are often ignored or misinterpreted at first. If your symptoms increase over time, medical examinations do not yield much. A clear medical diagnosis is often impossible to make which can create a feeling of incomprehension. The psychosomatic physiotherapist can guide you through this. You may experience more symptoms of pain and fatigue and be more irritable and tense. These symptoms may be related

with certain life circumstances, such as high perceived workload, conflicts, emotional events, relational problems, loss of loved ones or serious illness processes. If these circumstances persist for a long time, they can disrupt your balance. As a result, your resistance decreases both physically and mentally and psychosomatic complaints may arise, such as:

  • physical complaints
  • extreme fatigue
  • unable to relax
  • chest pressure, tightness, difficulty breathing or palpitations
  • unexplained pain
  • chronic pain

Psychological complaints

  • listless
  • sleeping badly or too much
  • being anxious and insecure
  • difficulty concentrating
  • being gloomy and worrying a lot
  • general feeling of unease
  • being irritable, restless or agitated
  • no longer able to enjoy and relax

The psychosomatic physiotherapist will work with you to address these types of complaints. The specialist looks at different aspects that may have an effect on your physical complaint:

  • Living environment
  • Working environment
  • Psychological aspects
  • Social aspects
  • Physical aspects

The aim of treatment is to restore the disturbed balance between tension and relaxation and load and load capacity.

Collaboration with other experts

Treatment of psychosomatic complaints sometimes requires cooperation with other experts. The psychosomatic physiotherapist then works together - with your permission - with the referring doctor, a psychologist, a company doctor or other healthcare providers. They coordinate their activities so that you recover as well and as smoothly as possible.

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