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General physiotherapist

Are you a driven physiotherapist who enjoys working with other disciplines and is at the forefront of developments within the profession of physiotherapy? At Randwijck Physiotherapy, you have the opportunity. As a general physiotherapist, you play an essential role in improving the physical well-being of your patients.

You are not just about diagnosing and developing treatment plans; your role goes beyond that. By working closely with other disciplines and attending (refresher) courses, you contribute to the best primary care.

What will you do?

As a general physiotherapist, you provide exercise therapy, guiding patients in regaining and coping with loss of mobility and independence. You do this by diagnosing and developing a treatment plan, incorporating individual needs. During the process, you guide patients in performing exercises and provide advice. You also closely monitor the patients' progress, record it in SpotOnMedics and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.

As a physiotherapist at Physiotherapy Randwijck, your work is not limited to patient care. By working together with the various disciplines in the centre, you will seek the best multidisciplinary primary care. In addition, you will take the opportunity to develop yourself and learn about the latest developments in the profession.

Where will you be working?

Randwijck Physiotherapy is located in Medisch Centrum Randwijck in Amstelveen. Within the centre, there is multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of chronic diseases, psychological complaints, elderly care, medication use and musculoskeletal complaints. Together with the centre's colleagues, you strive to offer personal and multidisciplinary care. The centre's patient population is very diverse, consisting of students, young families and the elderly.

The team of Physiotherapy Randwijck consists of three passionate physiotherapists with specialisations in manual therapy, psychosomatic physiotherapy and hand physiotherapy. The physiotherapy practice is a plus practice, which within physiotherapy is the highest distinction you can achieve. The well-being of the patient is central to the practice and quality care is provided through cooperation, within and outside the practice.

You have the

You have a BIG registration and/or SKF registered. You also bring:

  • You are passionate about your field of physiotherapy and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.
  • Collaborating with others is not a problem for you and actively acts to achieve common goals and seize opportunities.
  • Your communication style is effective, where you easily build a good rapport with patients, can infer the complaints from conversations and clearly explain the treatment plan.

You deserve this

Physiotherapy Medical Centre Randwijck is looking for a general physiotherapist for 16 to 20 hours a week. Your days and working hours are negotiable. The start date for this position is as soon as possible. In addition, you can count on:

  • Good primary and secondary working conditions. For example, you will receive a monthly salary or a fixed percentage of turnover and a mileage allowance.
  • Opportunities for continuing education, together with the other disciplines at the centre.

Make work of this vacancy

Come make a difference and apply. You can apply by leaving your motivation and CV. Daron Buenting will contact you to schedule an introductory interview.

Would you like to receive more details about the vacancy? Daron is also available for your questions. You can contact him via daronbueting@gmail.com.

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