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Boxing therapy

One of the interventions within Physiotherapy Randwijck's treatment offer is boxing therapy. Working with boxing gloves is an interesting intervention. By combining doing, moving, feeling and experiencing, you can achieve your desired goals. During the sessions, we work on this in a targeted way. For instance, it could be about more autonomy, self-confidence, awareness, stability, inner connection, overview, structure, firmness, healthy emotion regulation or relief of trauma-related complaints.

It is a body-oriented and experiential intervention. Unconscious processes can be made conscious with boxing therapy. You may encounter internal blockages or resistance in yourself through boxing therapy. You are challenged to deal with these in a safe way. It can lead to more confidence in your own abilities and actions. You may also notice that you dare to take up space more easily, that you can set boundaries and learn to name what is experienced emotionally from the here and now.

Themes within body-oriented work

  • Uncertainty and vulnerability
  • Confrontation avoidance
  • Fleeing or dissociating
  • Low self-esteem and doubt of own ability
  • Perfectionism, not daring and being allowed to make mistakes
  • Setting and experiencing boundaries
  • Anger, frustration, irritation and aggression
  • Fear
  • Feeling what is happening in the body
  • Being in the head or feeling
  • Thinking or limiting beliefs

But work can also be done on:

  • Holding back and feeling inhibited
  • Dare to make contact
  • Becoming more aware of what is going on
  • Starting to experience and feel firmness and own strength
  • Having an overview and daring to let go of control
  • Collect and distribute
  • Relax and exert
  • Being able to express needs and feelings
  • Not daring or able to tune in
  • Observe
  • Distance and proximity
  • Communication issues; verbal and non-verbal
  • Assertiveness
  • Being visible and having a place
  • Open or close
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Awareness of breathing
  • Leadership
  • Follow or steer
  • Stand still or move
  • Acceptance

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