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General physiotherapy

The human body is an amazingly clever and well-organised set of muscles, bones, joints and organs that we have to rely on every day. Walking, standing up, sitting, reaching and bending are mostly natural movements. You only realise that moving is not so natural when something bothers you. When the body doesn't cooperate for a while.

A physiotherapist advises, guides and treats disorders of posture and/or movement. This can be on the prescription of a GP, specialist or company doctor. Since 2006, physiotherapy has become freely accessible to everyone and you can also register without a referral. Together with you, the physiotherapist looks at your wishes (your request for help) and your physical situation and possibilities. An individual treatment plan will be drawn up and you will be taught to move better by means of exercises, training sessions and advice. At the end of the treatment(s), the results achieved are evaluated. In short, the physiotherapist is the movement specialist par excellence.

Physiotherapy treatment can be applied to various complaints, such as (chronic) pain, movement limitations, muscle weakness and loss of fitness. A large group of patients present with musculoskeletal complaints, such as pain in the back, neck, shoulder or problems with or at the other joints. In addition, physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation after accidents, operations or during and after illness. Physiotherapy can also play an important role in the prevention of musculoskeletal complaints.

Many specialisations have been developed within physiotherapy. On the basis of increasingly new insights, treatment methods have been developed for certain subfields of treatment or for a certain category of patients. The therapists at Randwijck are up to date with these developments.

Several physiotherapists with various specialisations work at Fysiotherapie Medisch Centrum Randwijck. You will always be treated by the therapist with expertise in the area of the complaints you are experiencing.

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Ilse Brouwers - physiotherapist Amstelveen

Ilse Brouwers

Physiotherapist 020 641 45 43 Stuur een e-mail
daron buenting physiotherapist Amstelveen

Daron Buenting

Physiotherapist 020 641 45 43 Stuur een e-mail

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